YouTube - Go Live Together Feature test today (Fri. 10am CT US)

UPDATE: This is the step-by-step tutorial @anita1 published for going live with another account – How to Go Live Together - YouTube's NEWEST MOBILE LIVE streaming feature Nov 2022 - YouTube

Hey Team - so @anita1 and I are going to test out this new feature on YouTube today – New YouTube Feature- #golivetogether hosted by @Anita Wong with guest YouTuber @Phyllis Khare - YouTube if you are around to see what happens - please join us.


Interesting feature! Twitch is launching something fairly similar.

I wonder for this feature on youtube, does it have to be on mobile?? Invite a guest to your live stream with Go Live Together - YouTube Help

This part of the help page makes me feel that way. I’ll probably be around to see! :slight_smile:

You can schedule a live stream with a guest from your computer (via Live Control Room) and then go live from your mobile phone. Or you can go live immediately from your mobile phone.


I’ll find out soon! I’m going to start with desktop and have my phone on a tripod handy.


Sorry I missed it! I got caught up and it slipped my mind.

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we used this test to talk about all the new features on Youtube – thanks again @anita1

check the new link I put in the original post – as @anita1 's tutorial is excellent!!