🎥 Your Financial "Buckets" (Winnie Sun)

Winnie Sun

Financial expert and entrepreneur Winnie Sun guides us through the different financial “buckets” business owners should be mindful of paying into regularly.


  • The easy way to understand buckets is putting together financial goals like New Year’s resolutions
  • Think about short term, mid term, and long term goals—such as your emergency fund in the short term, or saving for retirement (or even retiring early!) in the longer term
  • Consider including an aspirational “fun” goal, such as a travel fund
  • You can rank these buckets in terms of importance (for example, if you have a child close to college age, college savings might be your number one goal)
  • If everything is on roughly the same priority level, try to put things in every single bucket along the way
  • Encourage everybody in your household to participate—it can be a really great way to teach your kids about money!

Winnie Sun @winniesun
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Such a motivating video, and a great idea for planning for the future. Thanks for the tips, Winnie!

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