Your favourite platform for community building

Some platforms are better for building communities than others and there are lots to choose from now.

I’d love to know which platform you prefer for this?

Ahhh…what a question!

SMP is built on Discourse, and we also have multiple Facebook groups.

I personally have a new marketing community in Skool – feel free to join if you want to check it out.

I have managed communities in Circle and Mightly Networks. I prefer Circle.

If it’s for some sort of business that many people use, it’d be Facebook. Talking things like plumbing, roofers, electrical, even photography.

I think if you can get people in the groups it’s unparalleled for engagement.

In terms of having fun, I still enjoy X. Instagram might be good too but I don’t do too much there.

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I’m still a Facebook person for groups but my disdain for Facebook makes me want to look elsewhere. I had considered Slack but having joined some communities there I know it could be a long slow burn.


I have to be honest @KiraShaw this is a tough question because I am not sure if we are talking about closed communities or public communities. If we are talking closed communities I think Facebook and WhatsApp are fun places because you are able to create private groups that are specifically for engaging with a specific group of people. However, if we are talking public communities, I would say that I still enjoy Twitter for this and recently have enjoyed LinkedIn. The ability to invite and collaborate with people on these two platforms is very powerful. So, for public community building I am in favor of those platforms. What about you?

I was thinking of both closed and open, so you answered perfectly @linaburgjeremy

I like Facebook groups for closed communities and Twitter for open. There are still some great tweetchats for my clients that provide a lot of value.

I’ll have to look into whatsapp more for this. I am part of many whatsapp groups so find the thought of adding another quite overwhelming. I like it as a broadcast channel though.

Whenever anyone is looking for support with an issue, I advise them to find a facebook group. There’s one for EVERYTHING!

I hear you, Amanda. Do you think Discord could work for your groups? Or a platform like SMP?

For my audience right now not Discord. Maybe Slack

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