You are invited to our Social Media Week MeetUp: 6/28 Table Talks! Register today (free virtual event)

We are so excited to be having our first Social Media Pulse MeetUp! We’re kicking off a week of fun social media activities to celebrate Social Media Week and hope you’ll join us for our Table Talks!

WHAT: Social Media Pulse Virtual Table Talks MeetUp

WHEN: Tuesday, June 28 at noon ET.

REGISTER HERE: Book your spot ASAP. Seats are limited.

THE PLAN: We’re setting up tables of 8 people. Each table will have a different topic. You simply join the event. Then find a table with a topic of interest, and you’ll be transported into a cool group discussion.

ASK: If you’ve got a topic of interest, let us know below! We’ll be picking the most popular ones and have pre-set tables for you to join.

Yes…it’s okay if you table hop until you find a table that you enjoy!

Can’t wait to hang out virtually!


oh hard for my timezone with existing work commitments - if you do anything early morning or late afternoon Eastern or want someone to do a table for those members in southern hemisphere let me know !

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This is going to be awesome!!! Can’t wait to chat with everyone!



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have you got details for Thursday please?

Speed Networking Details are here

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