You are invited to our JULY SMP Table Talks MeetUp: 7/26 Register today (free virtual event)

So excited a big hit from June’s Social Media Week continues as a regular feature of Social Media Pulse!

WHAT: Social Media Pulse Virtual Table Talks MeetUp

WHEN: Tuesday, July 26 at noon ET.

REGISTER HERE: Book your spot ASAP. Seats are limited.

THE PLAN: We’re setting up tables of 8 people. Each table will have a different topic. You simply join the event. Then find a table with a topic of interest, and you’ll be transported into a cool group discussion.

ASK: We are looking for Table Talk Hosts…If you’ve got a topic of interest, let us know below! We’ll be picking the most popular ones and have pre-set tables for you to join.

Yes…it’s okay if you table hop until you find a table that you enjoy!

Can’t wait to hang out virtually!

ps. Mark your calendars… Social Media Pulse Table Talks happen on the last Tuesday of the month at noon EST.


Oh such a wonderful initiative - 2am my time so it’s a stretch when i have clients - will have to play by ear so hosting is out for now for me :disappointed:


We want to do one that works for our Aussie friends…probably in September. @fiona1 do you think you can get others to come? @annette @lisa.monks what works for you?

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Hey Deb! Usually your late afternoons would work best for us! :slight_smile:


after 6pm Eastern is generally good for the eastern side of Aus as that is 8am - but it depends on audience. If mums they might be getting ready for school. If we advertise it right after choosing a time we should be able to get folks in.

other states see 1/2hr to 2hrs behind us.

Our 12noon AEST is eastern 10pm if you were looking at doing a similar slot to the current one.

How many Aussies in here now?


Happy to Host a table – 50+ works for me to do again, or whatever is needed.


We’ve got a nice group of Aussies! I forgot to tag @tracyraiteri as one too!


Don’t forget to register for Tuesday’s Table Talks!

Space Friends…I know you all registered in June…don’t want you to miss July!
@cowboss @teresa2 @sarahehowk @paul @hello2 @lori @lilly @kerra @kathryn1 @jfuhs @helena.schrommova @EddieGarrison @dorien @dewieirigjones @chuck @cathy_cowans @alicampbel


Thanks for the reminder, this time I’m not able to make it as we have important company meeting but maybe in August :slight_smile:

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We’ll miss you…but will look forward to chatting in August!

Hope you had a great session. I just wasn’t able to stretch to 2am this time sorry.