Will your company pay for the Twitter Blue Checkmark?

It’s come to light that Elon is looking to charge a more expensive Twitter Blue for $20/month. This comes with a blue checkmark. While I no longer will see the blue checkmark as verification if that comes to pass, will your companies pay to keep their checkmarks?

That’s assuming the companies you are working for have checkmarks. If they don’t have checkmarks, are they excited that for only 20/month they can have a blue checkmark?

What are your thoughts on the news?


I think it’s great for companies and public figures. It’s been a bummer that people haven’t been able to get verified.


Yeah, blue checks provided some form of authenticity. If you have to pay for them, will it still be the same?

Will companies pay that amount for them and their employees? has the blue checkmark been cheapened?

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Absolutely not. I’ve always been of the opinion all accounts should be “verified” and publicly shown that in some form. Unfortunately, the blue check mark turned into some sort of sudo status symbol for whatever reason.

I know friends that played in the NFL & NHL that can’t even get verified on Twitter & other platforms. So who are they verifying?

At least at one point Facebook had the grey & blue check marks for brands/businesses that was publicly displayed to show that YES. These brands are who they claim to be. But then they took that way for whatever reason.

I agree with @eternalkaz that if you can just pay for it, what does it really verify other than you paid $240 per year to have a blue check mark. Pointless–Other than to Twitter who has always been hemorrhaging money.


This isn’t set in stone yet – so it will be interesting to see what actually happens.


For sure Phyllis. Of course the reports don’t say where they got that information (to protect the informant I’m sure), but they did give a hard date of Nov 7 to get things done. So we’ll see pretty soon what they plan to do.

Elon did tweet that the verification system was being revamped: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1586848033550934016

So whenever we do hear something I’m sure we’ll talk about it here!

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Update @phylliskhare, if we can take Elon at his word for Blue at $8 dollars a month instead of 20.



Verification made some semblance of sense back when it was meant to identify figures of public importance and/or journalists, so that one could verify something was from a real account and not a copycat.

That meaning has definitely shifted and become useless. I only have a blue check because I was a journalist and my employer got it for me—I had way less of a presence or influence on the platform back then, yet if I were to apply for one now, I’d never get one. Heck, if @madalynsklar doesn’t have one, what does it even mean???

But truly—I don’t think having people pay for it is smart, either.

Maybe do a whole new structure, as many have suggested:

  • one “free” level of just having verified that you’re a real person (like on Amazon reviews!);
  • one additional level to indicate you’re a Twitter Blue user (so, just calling it what it is—“hey, we paid”—instead of implying the person might be worth listening to);
  • a totally different level for “public figures” that, again, is not paid for, and that needs to be granted, not applied for.

I have also seen people throw out different colors for different areas of fields. But I think your 3 layers are a good idea. I don’t think Twitter saw the demand that it wanted from Twitter Blue and I think Elon thinks that verification is the only way to entice people to pay for that platform.

In that way with the $8/month and increased demand he could be trying to weather the storm of massive ad spend dropping on the site.

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Yes, I’ve been REALLY enjoying the conversation about this in that particular thread @eternalkaz especially since I saw the Stephen King tweet exchange.


Stephen King is always great on Twitter!


The new cost is actually $8.
$20 was just a rumor.


Correct Monica. Does it change your answer now that its $8 vs $20?

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I really like this idea/structure @christine! Very similar to what Facebook had years ago as well. Makes the most sense to me and provides what it should provide from a publicly facing POV with being “verified.”

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