Will you be signing the Make Instagram Instagram Petition?

Let’s discuss…
1. Will you sign?
2. Do you care?
3. Will this make a difference or is Meta going to do exactly what it wants?
4. Could a NEW social media platform come forward that does these things that isn’t from Meta?

From Change.org

We The People declare that this is what we want:


There’s no need to overcomplicate things, we just want to see when our friends post, the beauty of Instagram was that it was INSTAntaneous. Back in the dawn of the app we were all living in the moment, seeing our best moments in real time.


We have TikTok for a reason, and let’s face it, the only reels uploaded are recycled TikToks and content that the world has already seen. What’s innovative and unique about old stale content? Nothing!


Lets go back to our roots with Instagram and remember that the intention behind Instagram was to share photos, for Pete’s sake, we didn’t have video on the app until the developers were scared of Vine. RIP vine by the way we miss that too.


It feels wrong to switch the algorithm on creators that have made a living and contributed to the community forcing them to change their entire content direction and lifestyle to serve a new algorithm. Listen to the community. Take our thoughts and requests into consideration!

The goal of this petition is to bring attention to what consumers want from Instagram and to start a conversation surrounding the health of our beloved app :heart:

Note…apparently Kim Kardashian agrees and is promoting this!


Oh I just did. I miss Instagram being Instagram. I don’t think any of us asked for a mishmash version of TikTok that @EddieGarrison and I are now referring to as “ReelTok” and “InstaTok” :rofl:I signed it, then I tweeted it.


I like your ReelTok one too @jencoleict

As far as this petition goes. No I will not be signing it. Meta cares 0.0% about what individuals want. No matter how many individuals it is. It would take some deep pockets to bring on a new platform (honestly) to compete with Meta overall. They do own 91 brands.

I don’t use Vine 2.0, I mean TikTok. I see everything on Instagram later that day anyway :stuck_out_tongue: More and more brands we work with are shying away from Instagram at this point in favour of putting more time & effort into Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn. In that order as well.


You make a terrific point! Also, signing this petition involved a lot of hoops to go through that I did not anticipate. Change dot org needs to change dot now, lol. It’s like we talked about earlier today tho… I’m sure we’ll all adapt and be fine eventually.


Love this!!!


This is interesting…I’ve been getting so much more out of LinkedIn lately!


I get a lot of engagement from LinekdIn Newsletters & then videos, but that’s about it. My best platform (for business) when it comes to social media remains Facebook.


I just hope they don’t turn LinkedIN into Facebook. I love that it tends to be a place with high quality articles and I’ve been seeing lately more and more “filler” posts, posts for the sake of posting and that is sad to me. Quality over quantity every time for me.


So funny that I didnt see this until I had just had my whinge in a post about wanting to petition Facebook, although I’m more concerned about how shocking the lack of support is. Meta has enough money to have a large team in every country to help with accounts that get hacked. There is no care factor at all it seems, but without the small businesses Facebook would be a shadow of itself. I still think MarkZ just wants another version of second life to relive his college days :rofl:


I’m spending more and more time on LinkedIn!

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I signed it. absolutely. For so many reasons.


These petitions are not real! They’re silly and hold no power.
The platforms will do what they want to do. And they are doing it based on data, even though the data is about behavior they themselves have manipulated.
Facebook has made more major changes before and we all freaked out at first and then got used to it. This current Instagram change is the same.
That said, it’s making me personally feel a lot less invested in the platforms. I never would have thought that I of all people would be feeling “meh” about FB or IG, but…they’re pushing me there.

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Its sad isn’t it. I’m think petitions can have a place but whether Meta would take notice - well i think that is probably true, but I’m a big believer in the voice of the people … if only we could get everyone to go on strike ha ha… no ad revenue for a day, no engagement … make Facebook go dark or something just to give Mark a wake up call. If someone could come up with an alternative people would leap, but Meta is so strong and have so much power that it would take a lot of power and money sadly.

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