Why Short-Form Content isn't Going Anywhere Anytime Soon (Julia Jornay-Silverberg)

Julia Jornay-Silverberg

There is no doubt that short-form content is extremely powerful and popular right now.

With TikTok, Reels and YouTube shorts, there has been a tremendous rise in the creation and consumption of short-form videos because they are real, relatable, authentic, and extremely easy to consume.

Our attentions spans continue to decrease, making these fast-paced, short, clip-style videos extremely bingeable.

Given that over 50% of marketers say their company is investing in creating this kind of content, it’s important to understand exactly WHY to get started with creating it.

Why short form content is powerful

Short-form content isn’t just a trend or a fad; it’s a new way of creating and consuming on social media.

The explosion of TikTok during the pandemic resulted in a major shift towards both brands and individuals creating—and desiring—authentic and human content.

Gone are the days where the expectation for content is perfect, pretty, and polished. Today, the content that is seemingly doing the best is content that shows real humans doing real things.

Short-form content isn’t just more human; it is easier to create and allows you to share a message, or some kind of valuable information, with your audience quickly.

How to create short-form content

If you want to create short-form content as a brand, it comes down to thinking about who you are, what your brand values are, and how you help people.

Your content should always be created with purpose: every post should have a point and be crafted with your ideal audience in mind. Not to mention, your content should serve to capture attention, articulate your message, build relationships with your followers, and deliver exceptional experiences to your fans.

Whether you are creating content for Shorts on YouTube, Reels on Instagram or TikTok, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Have a goal: Whether your goal is to show how fun it is to work at your company OR share a tip about a favorite tool that you use on the job, every piece of content should have a goal. Be sure that you have a specific goal for the value you are looking to create before you pick up the camera to film.

  2. Pick the place/people: After deciding your goal for the content, you can figure out who is the best person on the team and/or place to film this content. If you’re making a Reel showing the best places to eat in your town, you’re going to need to make a plan for visiting each location and capturing video clips. On the other hand, if you’re sharing a TikTok where someone on your team gives tips, this can easily be filmed at home.

  3. Add creativity: Now that you know who and what is being made, you can have fun with it and add creativity into your message. This could be done in a number of ways, from adding a transition, voice-over OR a trending audio. What’s most important is that you don’t let yourself fall down a creativity rabbit hole. While transitions and trending dances are fun, you want to be sure to stay on brand and keep your content relevant to who you are and the value you provide.

  4. Have fun: The most important thing to remember is to have fun! People can feel your energy through the camera, so you want to be sure that you’re enjoying yourself in the content creation process. Creating short-form content shouldn’t feel like a chore; it should feel like an opportunity to bring your brand’s humanity front and center to truly connect to your audience.

Seeing as how every social media platform continues to prioritize video, especially short videos under 2 minutes, it’s important to take time as a brand to think creatively about how to embrace this new, popular form of content.

By empowering your team and thinking strategically about video, you have the ability to come up with a strategy that sets you up for success in creating 1-2 pieces of short-form content every week.

When brands take the time to craft humanizing content that is valuable and easy to consume, they amplify their voices and drive more awareness for how they help others. This is how you grow your business and create a list of folks that want to work with—and for—you!

Julia Jornay-Silverberg @julia2
Julia Jornsay-Silverberg is an anti-highlight reel creator who loves to excite, inspire and motivate people to utilize self-awareness as their superpower in order to really create relationships.

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Love this article so much. Thanks, @julia2, for sharing your thoughts. I feel like we’re in a state of constant creation mode nowadays, with Instagram admitting to its shift toward the vertical preference and of course Reels. I like to practice with my pets on TikTok, but most of my client work goes on Reels and Stories.


Definitely in a state of constant creation mode for SURE! I think that it’s really fun but also can feel incredibly overwhelming at times - like there’s not enough time to execute all of the ideas in the way you want. I’ve found that TikTok is the place that quality matters a bit less, which means it’s a bit easier for the creator!


Yeah, I’m starting to notice that myself. I find myself creating really pretty pieces for IG Reels and just sloppy, funny pieces of my dog Floki on TikTok. He keeps it really easy for me to use funny audio trends. :laughing: