Why marketers need to start using SMS marketing (Annie Lee)

Annie Lee

Text message marketing is quickly becoming a top channel to help marketers meet their business goals.

With 97% average read rates within 15 minutes of being delivered, text messaging is not only a powerful way for brands to engage their customers and drive incremental sales, but also to build one-to-one customer relationships and increase brand loyalty.

What is SMS?

The most effective type of text messaging, short message service (SMS), refers to text messages of up to 160 characters, including plain text, numbers, and emojis.

With email click-through rates down to about 1% for e-commerce and retail brands—and digital ad performance down by about 50% over the last few years— SMS marketing is no longer a “nice to have” tool for brands. It’s essential.

Why is SMS marketing so effective?

Communicating with our favorite brands via text message is not only natural and convenient, but a way to have direct access to them.

Whether it’s for customer support, exclusive looks at products, or order status updates, consumers are increasingly communicating with brands via SMS—over 80% said they’re signed up for at least one brand’s SMS program. And of those 80%, 63% said they’ve made a purchase from a text message within the last three months.

Not all consumers are using SMS to engage with brands. But even those who aren’t yet are clearly intrigued, as 91% said they’re interested in doing so.

For marketers, SMS marketing is uniquely data-driven and immediate. It also allows for constant communication at every step of the customer lifecycle, from top-of-funnel to post-purchase. At its core, SMS helps brands capture browsers’ attention to turn them into buyers—and drive one-to-one conversations with current customers to turn them into brand advocates.

How can I get started using SMS marketing?

If you’d like to use SMS but don’t know where to begin, start by identifying your business needs and finding an experienced SMS partner that integrates with your marketing tech stack. Once you’ve found a partner and established your SMS goals and list growth strategy, you can put that strategy into action and start sending messages.

If you have questions on how to get started with SMS marketing or how you can combine SMS with your other marketing channels, feel free to ask in the comments.

Annie Lee
Senior Communications Manager at Attentive

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I’ll need to check this out (again). A few years ago I used SMS for a clients but then all these restrictions meant we couldn’t respond more than once and it just wasn’t producing results. I know we can use this for Instagram now. Maybe it’s time to rediscover this way of communicating.


Thanks Dorien - it’s definitely worth revisiting SMS. A lot has changed in the last few years in the industry as well as the technology to be able to respond back, at scale, to have a true conversation with customers.