Why is it hard to choose the right influencer? [poll]

Why is it hard to choose the right influencer?

  • Engagement data is flawed
  • Poor responsiveness
  • Wide range of price points
  • Inconsistent performance

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would be great to explore this - not a lot of votes but is that saying many social media managers avoid influencer posts? For me i do feel the data is not reliable - and also it’s important to connect the brand with right people. k


Does influencer post fall under influencer manager vs social media manager? I’ve seen specific roles that just deal with influencers, maybe that is why there are low votes?

It’s really all the above points to a certain degree. Influencers can be hard to reach, so poor responsiveness. Is the performance inconsistent? Of course, especially when the audience knows its an ad. Or maybe the content didn’t match the influencer, or maybe the collab you did with the influencer is past its trend.

Engagement data can definitely be flawed, depending on what you’re focusing on.

Wide range of price points? For sure, it depends on how young the influencer is and how business savvy they are. People don’t know what to price themselves at, its still a young industry.

But apart from the SMMs - how many businesses are really adding influencers to their budgeting efforts?