Why Culture Matters (Julia Jornsay-Silverberg)

Julia Jornsay-Silverberg

I truly believe that culture is one of the most important things about a company. A strong culture, built on respect and appreciation for everyone, goes so far in defining a brand.

When a leader takes the time to invest deeply in the culture that they are creating, it’s felt in every part of the business—from the way the team is treated, to the interactions with clients, to the vibe of the social media content shared by the brand.

There is no mistaking a strong and authentic culture, which is why it’s essential to invest in your team and create an environment that feels supportive.

How culture impacts ROI

Culture isn’t just some warm and fuzzy area of business; it’s a major contributor to a brand’s bottom line and can seriously impact ROI.

A toxic culture will lead to high turnover and unproductive, unhappy employees. A positive culture, where teammates feel valued and supported, leads to employee retention. If people truly enjoy coming to work and feel like they are a part of a supportive team and community, they are a lot less likely to leave the company.

A brand’s culture will play a tremendous role in their ability to attract talent and retain employees.

How to create a strong culture

If you want to create a strong culture as a brand, you have to think about what matters to your team, clients, and community.

Offering benefits such as flexible hours, wellness programs, and paid time off set the tone for showing your team that you care.

Jessika Phillips @jessika is truly a leader when it comes to setting an industry standard for creating a strong culture.

At NOW Marketing Group, we have a number of programs that contribute greatly to our culture of caring such as:

  • Rewards Program: We use a tool called Bucketlist which is a points-based system that lets Jessika AND everyone on the NOW team give points to each other which can be cashed in for experiential activities, gift cards, or even PTO days.
  • Level-Up Challenges: NOW teammates are encouraged to pick from a list of books to read or certifications to complete—and, after sharing their takeaways with Jessika, are given points in Bucketlist for doing so!
  • Wellness Challenges: We encourage the team to engage in various challenges such as Steps, Squats, or Hydration! It’s a fun way to focus on our health while staying connected to each other and holding each other accountable. The winners get points in Bucketlist, too—and boy, do things get competitive! :wink:
  • Fun Friday Calls: Every Friday, we have a call called, “NOWIE-OWIE-OW,” where the goal is to just have fun! We take turns answering a specific question of the week (like, “What’s your favorite book?” or, “What’s your go-to cocktail?”) and give each other shout-outs.
  • My Day, My Way: NOW offers employees three “My Day, My Way” days each year to spend making memories. These days are meant to be used to take a day off on the spur of a moment, no questions asked, so that employees can truly enjoy time with family and friends.

All of these things contribute such a great deal to making NOW Marketing Group a place to work and thrive as a human because you feel completely supported and respected as the multi-faceted person that you are.

This is exactly why culture matters. Because when you take the time to invest in it, you have employees who go out of their way to rave about you.

When brands support their team, they create a community of individuals that step up when times are tough and help each other, and clients, out—no matter what. This is what creates memorable experiences that are talked about for years to come—by employees, clients, and community members.

Strong cultures, where employees feel supported holistically, are what create happier humans. And isn’t that all the world needs right now?

Julia Jornsay-Silverberg @julia2
Julia Jornsay-Silverberg is an anti-highlight reel creator who loves to excite, inspire and motivate people to utilize self-awareness as their superpower in order to really create relationships.

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