Who's attending #KickstartDublin on 27 April?☘️

If you’re attending Kickstart Dublin, check in here!

Let us know:

  • Who are you excited to see speak?
  • What are you excited to learn?
  • Share your favorite insights during the event right here!

Tagging @amanda1 @louise @melanie (we need to get Carmel in here!)

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Unfortunately I can’t go but will be watching the twitter handle all day

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Sad you can’t make it—but @melanie and I will both definitely be thinking of you! :heart:

MEEEEE. I’m looking forward to seeing you speak. And I’m looking forward to seeing all the amazing people we’re bringing together on stage and off.

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It’s going to be a special event thats for sure. I’m just looking forward to meeting people again - first time since Atomicon last November. See you later ladies!