Which brand would you manage!

If you could manage ANY brand’s social media, whose would it be?

I think I would like to work on one for a beautiful french chateau somewhere…


I love to do Disneyland.
I’d also like to do Michaels Craft store …I love buying crafting stuff!

Disney would be so much fun.
A craft store! Oh Imagine all the inspiration, tutorials and pinterest boards!

A lot of companies that are in the gaming/tech space. Elgato, Corsair, Logitech to name a few…


Hi Kira, what exactly is the list of TASKS involved to “manage brand’s social media”? I am doing my own and still learning. Thank you.

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Hi Hana,

That would depend on your objectives and strategy.

What would you like the end result to be?

  • More leads/sales
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Subscribers to your email list
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These are interesting ones! Do you have a favourite who is doing well on socials now?

Definitely more sales

There are two brands that are tied for me. One would be Starbucks because I love coffee and the other would be the Olympics. More specifically covering swimming for the Olympic brand. As a current swimmer I think that would be so much fun.

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I could totally see you doing the Olympics Swimming account or at least Team USA Swimming! Is Swim Outlet going to Olympic Trials @linaburgjeremy?

We are!

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That’s so exciting! Covering the Olympics would be amazing!

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If you’re focusing on organic social rather than paid ads, I would suggest the following to get started:

  • Start conversations and leave meaningful comments on content in your niche or adjacent to yours.
  • Look for brands to partner with and create a promotion together
  • Create content that addresses your audience’s problems.
  • Host a live q&a on your main platform
  • Show behind-the-scenes in your stories
  • Most importantly, tell your audience how they can buy from you!