What's your favorite tool you use to do your job?

Hi @SMP_Members – would love to have you share your favorite tool (or even tools) you use to do your job!

Don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for the coolest tool to use!

What can’t you live without? Is it your social media scheduling tool? Is it your CRM? Maybe it’s your video editing tool! What do you love? Tell us!



I’ve got three for you.

  1. I’ve been using the everloving heck out of Miro lately. For internal planning, like our 3-year organizational chart. For vision boarding and brand identity discovery. For live note taking during initial consultations with clients. For monthly reviews and strategy meetings. I even use it in my school work. There are so many templates, endless ideas, and it just does such a good job of being flexible and an all-around creative space for whatever you are doing.

  2. It might be a little played out at this point, but I’ve been using ChatGPT to help supplement content creation. The keyword here is supplemental. I might be writing the 12-page marketing approach and strategy, but I can feed the tool a bulleted list describing an ideal customer and it will give me a 100-word narrative that fits the description. I can then use that narrative to work a client’s product or service into the customer journey.

  3. Promo.com is a place where you can pay a monthly fee to get access to stock video with themed music, captions, etc. for use on social. We used to pay for a membership, but we didn’t get as much traction on the stock video as we hoped. Now we understand what those followers want, which is authentic and more personalized views of the brand. Which is fine, because we also do custom videography work in-house, and those clients were able to come on board for those retainers. However, promo.com publishes a calendar at promo.com/tools/calendar that is free to the public. I used to have a couple of content calendars for monthly unofficial holidays that I would reference, and now I pretty much rely on this one. The visuals and sample captions get the creative juices flowing. Even if we end up creating something custom for a client, the calendar is a really good start.


I have been leveraging the powerful capabilities of Bearly AI recently to help me in my work. This AI-based platform has proven a great asset when summarising articles, providing me with a concise overview of the key points. Furthermore, it also serves as an excellent starting point for various tasks, making it easier to plan my next steps. I appreciate how Bearly AI provides an efficient and comprehensive resource to streamline my workflow. It has been a great tool for me.

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@dewieirigjones I think there’s a running list of AI tools in this community someplace. I haven’t made time to dig it back up or test all the apps, but I hope this one gets added if it isn’t already there. :relaxed:


Mine would be Airtable!! I use it to plan out the content for my clients - they have access to it so they can add comments, upload images, and approve content. Then I plug the content into Agorapulse to schedule.
Also… I feel like this goes without saying in this community but I could not live without Canva! :slight_smile:


Many of the AI tools I have tested have been highly restrictive on their free tier, making it difficult to test them thoroughly.

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R Studio. I live in it.


Here’s the list by @phylliskhare


The best tools I got would be RawTherapee and OBS Studio. OBS Studio has been instrumental for me over the years. Of course now other tools have come around like streamyard etc, but I still find OBS Studio to be my go-to. I haven’t seen a reason to switch to others yet.

Although if I do interviews and stuff, streamyard seems to be the nicest.


I have several tools I use, but here are my top three.

  1. Agorapulse - my students schedule their content for approval (by me) through Agorapulse. It is user intuitive and it gives them the ability to try out their content creation skills.
  2. ToDoIst.com - This is my brain. Without this tool to help me keep track of tasks, I would be paralyzed by the question, “Where do I start?” This tool helps me focus and increase my productivity. I have more time in my day now by using todoist.com.
  3. ClickUp - The Digital Wichita Board uses this tool for project management especially as we plan Social Media Day 23! It’s free and robust.

@kbuck We also use ClickUp and AgoraPulse! Two of my biggest power tools. :muscle:


I just started using ClickUp and I’m already a fan. :mega:

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OBS is eternal! Other video tools come and go, but OBS will live forever.


I think it’s due to the open source nature of it :slight_smile: and so the features the user wants ends up being added to it!

If we’re talking about which tool I use multiple times a day - that would be Canva.

  1. My favorite tools are Agorapulse for client work. I do use MissingLettr for my own blog as they change up the text FOR you. Something Agorapulse may consider with AI.
  2. I love JasperAI for content - I always have to check facts and edit along the way but it saves me a huge amount of time - especially in getting started. I do use their premium Boss mode. I tried ChatGPT but wasn’t as quick as Jasper.
  3. Old fashion Excel is great for making my lists and schedules still.
  4. Surfer SEO is an AI tool for SEO and I’ve been using it with some success. Only been a few months so haven’t reviewed it fully yet.
  5. Yoast SEO vs. Rank Math. I switched 2 blogs to Rank Math and manage 2 others with Yoast. Love both and trying to decide which is better.

I forgot to mention that one in mine too! I use it daily. Fabulous tool.


Interesting. I haven’t opened my MIRO Boards since about 5 profile images ago lol – I was BLONDE then :slight_smile: I obviously didn’t utilize it well, as I have two half-done boards that were showing a funnel flow.

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i think that list will keep growing and growing. And the focus will be on the quality. There are a lot of products being smashed out on the wave of popularity, but when 4.0 comes out it will be a game changer. And of course with have Bing now too!

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It’s too hard to stick to one.

I love Agorapulse for the ease of scheduling content and the listening capacity. You really cant beat it.

Of course AI is into it. I’m on ChatGPT Pro and it’s faster but you do still have to fact check and it can totally make up stuff at times. As Amy said, using it to summarise, sort information etc really is valuable. it can break down complex ideas into easier to digest form, but it is not thought leadership, it only knows what it has been taught and the voice still needs work.
I am also using Katteb - it has a great resource for fact checking and summarising articles to back up facts. Great for entry level . I do have an affiliate link if you are interested. https://katteb.com/en/?track=6399c532aba0d
I’m on the wait list for ai video tool Runway so that will be interesting.

Lately is a great AI tool which I had the joy os using when working with one bigger company and it was brilliant at pulling snippets from live video to make great posts, teasers and ads.

On a simple level, I love my Notes on my phone and mac. They synchronise, i can dicate them and I use it all the time, for ideas I get in the night, to cataloguing reference materials and client notes.

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