What's your favorite thing about creating social strategy for your business or business clients?

Being a social media manager has it’s ups and downs…what’s your favorite thing about creating social strategy for your business or your business clients? Share :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

This is an interesting question! I think for me, my favorite part about creating a social media strategy is seeing the content spark conversations and engagement.

I love social media, but I love community management as well. To see your social media strategy and content spark conversations between people is just so powerful and fun. Not only is your strategy working, but you are also making friends and connecting with potential clients in the process! How fun!

I would love to know what @jenn @joanna1 @amykpsh @amanda1 @eonpartners @jfuhs @mark.eichler favorite favorite part about creating a social media strategy is!


I agree with you @linaburgjeremy - there’s little point in just creating a strategy that revolves around pretty graphics, virtue signalling and empty promises. I love creating strategies that are fun and engaging and that create an opportunity to educate, inform and get people talking. I also really enjoy seeing great work that other people have created, I find it so inspiring and there’s nothing wrong with smiling at a great campaign and thinking “Wow, I wish I’d thought of that.”

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So true! I love your point about educating and informing people. I love to learn and grow from seeing social campaigns. Like you said, it’s always fun to learn from an amazing campaign.

Did you see the new minions movie campaign? There was a song that went viral on TikTok and now it’s a huge thing. Here is the link that had me doing some research into it. It’s from an amazing creator from Triple Whale, Tommy Clarke https://twitter.com/tclarkmedia/status/1544335269888868352?s=20&t=kvIlOPbxuzulD4Nuo5XznQ

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That’s a brilliant thread, Jeremy, thanks for sharing it! I’m very aware of the Gentleminions craze (I have sons at Uni who think this is epic!) and it’s really interesting to follow the timeline re social media marketing. I think it’s a shame that cinema’s have banned people entering on the basis of wearing suits, though. Behaviour has to be impeccable, particularly when going to a cinema screening that will undoubtedly have small children in attendance, but it’s such a shame that we’re having a pop at older kids for dressing smartly. Life is very strange these days! :grin:

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@linaburgjeremy I always appreciate your approach to SM and strategy!
For me, I like the structure of a strategy. And structure doesn’t mean it isn’t fun or silly. But I like knowing what to expect from our content, when we have to create content, and what needs to be allocated. I live and die by my calendar so having the ability to plot and plan out everything (via a content strategy) ensures everything stays on track and we aren’t left swinging blindly because nothing is queued up or ready for posting.

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Very true! I actually didn’t no they were banning dressing up lol. Seems a little goofy!

I love this! I am reading Andrew Davis’s book, Brandscaping and he talks about how to leverage your content schedule to connect with your customers. So we have been working on leveraging our content schedule at Wholesome to make sure that our content stays fun, informative, and relational. Couldn’t agree more with having a schedule!