🚨 What's next for Threads? Engagement is down

With more than 110 million signups in just over a week…brands, celebs, your mom and dad PLUS LOTS of social media managers are all there!

Now what? Are you regularly visiting? OR was it a land grab to get your username only to discover it was tied to your Instagram username?

Did you grab and go…or are you finding value?

According to Gizmodo and NBC News, data from Sensor Tower and Similarweb indicates a drop off in attention from users.

Sensor Tower Data suggests that on Tuesday and Wednesday, daily active users dropped 20% from Saturday while time spent on the platform fell 50% from 20 minutes to 10 minutes. Similarweb’s data reportedly paints a picture equally as grim as daily active users dropped 25% from a peak on July 7 to Monday, while time spent on the app dropped over 50% from 20 minutes to 8 minutes.

Meta spokesperson says "our focus now is on ensuring stable performance, delivering new features and continuing to improve the experience in the coming months.”

h/t Gizmodo

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I haven’t used it as much. I think the hype of posting there constantly is down. Now we’ll see if they actually keep the users coming back or not. But the data is showing that they haven’t been spending as much time there. I think it just needs a few more features to bring them back.

The chaoticness of the feed, the lack of API access, search, gifs, accessibility, etc.

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I’ve used it and while I am glad it’s here, I also have to remember it’s a version one, so there’s not much there. Until they launch a desktop version, I doubt it’ll have the legs it needs to thrive, I have trouble remember it on my phone because I have so many other things going on…


I really do want a desktop version, I’d post more if there was one.