What KPIs do you recommend?

Hey everyone! I have a new client that is looking to grow their brand on socials and are asking for me to set targets for their social media channels as KPIs for my work.

Does anyone have advice/best practices/standards they could offer? I’m not sure what numbers to set that are realistic and attainable.

They have 33k followers on IG, 40k subscribers on YT, 11k follows on FB and 500 followers on TT (new account).

Their goals are to grow the brand, increase awareness, get more followers, and get leads.

I want to make sure I set reasonable expectations, and they are looking for me to set specific targets, like numbers to reach each month.

I’m thinking targets should be follower growth, engagement, watch time, link clicks - but not sure what realistic targets are for those metrics.

Are there any standards out there for establishing these numbers??


Hey @awilson - this will be challenging for the first month if you don’t have any history to analyze. Your numbers will only be an educated guess at best. After a month or two you’ll be able to project better KPIs. I prefer to use OKRs - but that’s a different conversation :slight_smile:

So if these are your Goals; increase followers, increase leads, increase mentions - just set those up as your KPIs like this:

Followers - current - projected - achieved (in a spreadsheet). Do this for each social platform.

Leads - current average each month - projected - achieved (in the spreadsheet) for each platform.

Mentions – current average each month - projected - achieved - again the spreadsheet per platform.

And set the projected to be a really low percentage increase - maybe 1-2% - for that first month. Then after you see the actual results you can adjust that percentage.

But more importantly, is the actual strategy and tactics you’ll use to raise those numbers. That’s why I prefer to use an OKR system. You could actually set that up for yourself and then just track using KPIs for your client. We have a good tutorial on OKRs here in the Community – use the tag for Office Hour and you’ll see it.

enjoy –