🎥 What Is Digital Etiquette? (Kelly Noble Mirabella)

Kelly Noble Mirabella

Digital marketer and co-author of Digital Etiquette For Dummies Kelly Noble Mirabella explains what “digital etiquette” is and why it matters so much right now.

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The anonymity of the internet means that we can all be out there engaging, and because we’re not face to face with people, we feel like we’re safe behind our screens. It can feel like empathy is dying off on the internet.

From messaging—text messaging, mobile messaging, DMs—to group chats, Facebook groups, Zoom meetings, virtual events, and even telecommuting, it is crucial to look at how we engage with each other on all the various communication platforms.

If we can get back to the basics of digital etiquette, social media etiquette, or just LIFE etiquette, and bring a little bit more empathy and humanity back to how we engage with others, the online and offline worlds would benefit.

Kelly Noble Mirabella @Stellar247
Award-winning international speaker, content marketing expert, and co-author of Digital Etiquette for Dummies.

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