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We are so glad you’re here! Use this space to introduce yourself. Use the questions below to get started.

  • What is your role with social media?

  • How long have you worked in social media?

  • What industry do currently work in? (PS - Check out our Mastermind Groups to connect with others in your niche!)

  • What are your biggest social media education needs?

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My name is Ashley. I would consider myself a jack of all trades - I create, schedule, interact with the community & analyze the data. I’ve helped some small companies along my journey and have had one steady client in the coding bootcamp world for over 2 years. My goal is to get more clients so that’s where getting as much education comes in as possible!


Hi, @ahunterlife187! So glad you’re here! What do you think would be the most important information you need to learn to grow your client base? We’re still building courses and identifying instructors so I’d love to tailor something to meet your needs!

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Probably marketing myself a little better since I don’t have much “history” to back myself up. I know that many fulltime positions have an Adobe Photoshop “requirement” that I lack. Time management is also one thing. One platform. I am not too familiar with is Pinterest from a business standpoint. There are also several platforms that I wouldn’t mind seeing an introductory course to like Mewe, Getr, Gab, etc. I know that we go where the audience of our client is so it would be nice to be able to explain why one is better over the other, etc. Those are just a couple things that come to mind.

Oh! Almost forgot - influencer marketing!


This is such great insight. Thank you!


I am a filmmaker & a digital content creator/trainer.
I have worked on social media for 14years.
I work in the film & digital content creation industries.
My biggest social media education need is to stay updated with current trends & master different platforms.


Thanks, @isabella.mumbi - Happy to have you in the group!!

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My name is Chigozie Harmony Ugbejei and I a new to the freelancing world. I’m currently taking a course on copywriting. And I will like know how I can improve and do better on the social media space. Thank you so much.

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