What conferences are you looking forward to this year?

It was great to see many of you at #SMMW22 a few weeks ago! As people are easing back into pre-pandemic life…are you going to any marketing or social media conferences?

We’d love to do a meetup and meet you in real life! Share your plans!

Social Media Day events seem to be back on this year and I’ll be at SMDay San Diego :slight_smile:


I’m planning a trip across the pond to MarketingProfs B2B Forum in Boston in October. I’ve never been to Boston (a connection at the airport doesn’t count) so I’m looking forward to it.


I’m speaking at about the same events as I did the last few years.

  • Podfest/Vidfest
  • People of Video
  • Video Marketing World
  • Social Media Day Orlando
  • Florida Blog Con

And a few others I’ve not heard back from just yet. I’m also in the (very) early stages of putting together my own event here in Orlando.


Umm…aren’t you also looking forward to #MarketEdLive, @paul1 ? :eyes:

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I’m speaking at:

  • April 27: #KickstartDublin in Dublin, Ireland;
  • June 15-16: #SMWL22 in Lima, Ohio;
  • June 30: #SMDayICT22 in Wichita, Kansas.

Interested in attending:

  • September 6-9: #INBOUND22 in Boston, Massachusetts;
  • September 13-16: #CMWorld22 in Cleveland, Ohio.

I love events!!! :heart:


Not yet I’m not :shushing_face:

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We just announced our latest event, Creative Climate. I did a live: https://twitter.com/marketedlive/status/1519254971249659904?s=20&t=9q_SIo6RtZ9i2Gdy1GV7dQ

If anyone fancies coming to the UK for 8 September in Birmingham, I’d love to meet up and see you there.

Promise I won’t get promotional as I’m loving the chats here, but here’s where there’s some info.



(For the record, Paul was worried this would be too promotional—but I’m the one who told him to post it!) :heart:


I’ll be at #SMWL22 Social Media Week Lima (Ohio), #Inbound22 (Boston) and Social Media Conference Suriname (Suriname), as I’ll be speaking at these events.

Interested to hear about other events!

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So excited to see you at #SMWL22 @dorien ! Hoping to get to #INBOUND22 as well & would love to see you speak. :heart:

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