What are your favorite apps on your phone that help you do your job?

Love finding new tools…or figuring out ways to use ones that are just sitting on my phone that I never use! What’s are your favorite apps that help you with your job?


Okay…going to start this off! Although I use Easil and Canva…I do love having Over…now GoDaddy Studio on my phone!

Did you know you can save Social Media Pulse to your phone?

Add a Website to iPhone or iPad Home Screen

Open Safari and head to a website you want to pin to the Home Screen to get started. Then tap the Share icon at the bottom. Then tap Add to Home Screen from the menu. Next, type in a name for your shortcut and then tap the Add button.


I absolutely LOVE the lightroom app. I use it for photo editing for my Instagram!


I have that but I never use it…going to try it later today! Thanks for the suggestion!

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I’m actually not a big mobile app user when it comes to the job. I do everything from my desktop when I can. Having said that, I do like Snapseed to quickly edit photos and I use Adobe Premiere Rush to edit videos on the the go, along with the entire Adobe Creative Cloud host of mobile apps.


I love Snapseed!


Absolutely love InShot for vertical video editing!