What are you doing different for Q4?

It’s Tuesday of Q4…you’ve had a day to recover from the weekend and re-set for October. Now its time to get ready for the quarter!

What are you going to do different for Q4?

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We’re focusing on larger, bulk contracts through regional economic development corporations and chambers of commerce. We had a successful couple of programs recently within our own town and a neighboring one. These business organizations offered micro grants to local businesses to upgrade their marketing. That’s part of the program, they were referred to us.

We are looking to secure more of these types of program contracts for next year. As always, we are focused on serving rural micro businesses. This way, we are still serving that clientele but able to bill at a higher rate and higher likelihood of easy accounts receivable experience.

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WOW! Amy this sounds amazing!!! Please keep us updated! Loved the piece you did earlier this year for us on AI tools for rural small businesses so I’m sure you are helping them a ton!