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Relationships, Relationships, Relationships…so important not only as you look for a job, but also critical when you are building your business! Relationship Marketing is key to building connections with co-workers, communities, clients…basically everyone you deal with as a social media pro!

Excited to jump into Mission: Relationship Building with lots of great resources all about relationship marketing!

WHAT? Fun, training, resources, and more all based on building relationships

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I think its important not to overthink how we build relationships with our readers, lurkers, clients, friends and fans. Just showing that we care, actually taking the time to engage, respond or comment goes a long way in the early stages of relationship building. As Jessika Phillips says “out care the competition” and it’s not that hard to do. As Ai takes control, more and more automated responses will become available, so it’s going to be imperative to ensure that the care factor isn’t lost in a colder auto response (How often do you see those automated or cut and paste answers that say the same thing to every response, it doesn’t build the warm and fuzzy feeling". I’m currently writing on this topic and Deb will have it soon!