🚀🚀🎥 Welcome [Camp Space Friend: IG Reels]

We all know Instagram Reels is super hot right now…and we’ve been hearing from lots of social media managers who want to up their IG Reels game! So we are kicking off a special journey for August…Camp Space Friend!

WHAT? Fun, training, resources and more all based on IG Reels

WHERE? Right here in the Social Media Pulse Community! Check out our Camp Space Friend Tag to see all the content at once. OR watch our Mission Control post as it will be an index of all the great Camp Space Friend content!

HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED? If you post a reel in THIS POST we’re awarding a special Mission Badge that will appear on your profile!

  1. We want to see your reels!
  2. Share your client’s reels.
  3. Share a favorite reel!


Tell Us Below:

Will you join the mission to Camp Space Friend?


I love this so much! Can’t wait to start learning along with the group. I have fun making Reels, and I try to find creative ways to make them for clients, my agency, and of course for my personal account as well. Here is one that I recently posted for Greteman Group

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@jencoleict it’s going to be lots of fun and learning!!! Thanks for adding your example. Can you also add it in the idea bank post?

Plus wanted to share simple but a bit manual instructions on how we figured out to do the IG link so the reels can be seen in SMP


Here is one of my favorite Instagram Reels that I made for my business account. Let me know what y’all think!

Instagram Reel

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 12.39.18 PM


Reels get me Buzzin, especially because I’m a video geek. :clap::movie_camera:

The one thing that I tell so many people is that Reels doesnt have to be all about you, dances or duets, it can be specific but the one thing that has to tie it all together is creativity.

This was one of the video’s that I had most fun doing, was one of my most successful & rewarding reels not only because of views, but also because I wanted to try and create a subliminal message as I’m all about ecology and offsetting the effects from using tech, as well as content.
In addition to this, the conversations that came as a result were fantastic, and the best bit… It was all made using stock videos on Canva and then combined with a trending track which was associated with Stranger Things.

If you want to get scene, these are without doubt, the Reels deal in getting noticed.

Have fun creating & Bee Unique :honeybee::+1::green_heart:


Love this so much. Such a gorgeous Reel! You do amazing work.

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