We knew this was coming - FB Marketplace changes - NOTE the BOLD for better clarity

"Come January 30th, 2023, you still have ways to drive success on Facebook. After this change, people on Marketplace can continue to create vehicle & real estate / rentals listings from their personal profile.

For auto businesses, we continue to invest in innovative solutions to deliver on the automotive sector’s needs in the future. You can learn more about strategies and solutions for dealers on Facebook/Meta in our new Dealer Marketing Hub.

For real estate businesses, people on Marketplace can continue to create real estate / rental listings from their personal profile. See the link for additional information about Facebook for Real Estate businesses.


"Starting on January 30, 2023, Meta will no longer support the ability for sellers to create vehicle & real estate / rentals listings using a Facebook business Page.

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I got this message, too, @phylliskhare, and like you, I knew it was coming. Do we really think it changes much of anything??

I’m interested in hearing thoughts from people who work in these industries - were people doing much from their personal profiles rather than a business page anyways???

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I’m hoping to hear from some real estate agents (maybe @aimeeskillin knows) because I imagine many real estate agencies have pages they used? maybe? idk

@phylliskhare sorry for the late reply. This only applies to FB Marketplace. Real Estate agents will still be able to run ads via their FB Pages for listings, etc. the biggest thing here is ads must be compliant with Fair Housing. So when working with Agents make sure they understand Fair Housing. If you are doing their ads, then make sure you understand Fair Housing.


OH - so Real Estate Agents who have a PAGE can just continue what they’re doing - but if they want to use Marketplace, they’ll need to use their personal account - is that it in a nutshell @aimeeskillin ?

@phylliskhare Yes! The way this was all presented was very confusing. But yes, you got it! :blush:

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