Watermarking advice please

Hi All

Does anyone here use any kind of watermarking software and if so which is the best. I’m doing a talk at a local college to artists and photographers and they have asked me to include something on watermarking which I’m not that familiar with other than using Canva to add a watermark logo etc. I did a quick Google and Visualwater mark came up - does anyone know if this is any good or not??

All advice welcome. Many thanks as always. Rx

Sorry Rachel, I don’t have anything for ya on this one. I don’t watermark my photographs. I have heard its pretty useless to since people can just remove it. Although I did read something about maybe a full image watermark may help. But then that kind of ruins your work if you’re sharing it. Could understand if you’re trying to sell it though.

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Thanks for replying @eternalkaz. I spoke to the college again yesterday and said it wasn’t my area of expertise so they’ve agreed I can drop it - yaaaayyyyy result :grin: Rx


That’s great news @rachel1 I was just coming here to share this interesting article I found on the pros and cons of watermarking photos from bhphotovideo.com (big photographer gear place)…it’s old but still valuable.


Aww thanks @deb I’ll have a read anyway. It sounds like an interesting debate. Rx