🎥 Watch Social Media Pulse News: May 1, 2023


Turbocharging new features.

:purple_circle: New UGC options for brands to link to products in their IG shop based on customer posts

:purple_circle: IG is working on the ability to create public group stories

:purple_circle: IG is exploring the ability to post public comments on stories


LinkedIn is making premium more enticing by expanding the profile options with new CTAs.


TwitterBlue is STILL a work in progress.

:large_blue_circle: Reports are that the app is being run by only 1000 employees

:large_blue_circle: The SuperFollowers/Creators Program is only going to be available to Twitter Blue Subscribers

:large_blue_circle: Twitter will be allowing publishers to charge users on a per-article basis, rather than a monthly subscription.


Barcelona the new Twitter rival?!

:large_blue_circle: Testers are being sought out for the text-based app on Instagram

Bluesky: is coming?!

The app is growing in popularity week after week. Do you have an invite?