Watch Episode #2 of The Trust: Community Manager Burnout: A Candid Discussion | Shannon Emery

Join @paul for a LIVE interview with one of the best community people in the biz, the one and only @shannon.emery85 – Wednesday October 12 @ 2pm ET / 6pm GMT:

THE TRUST: Trust drives successful online communities. On this show, we will discuss how different community professionals earn the trust necessary to succeed and, in so doing, also build a trust of them.

EPISODE #2: Community Manager Burnout: A Candid Discussion

Do you ever feel like the little dog in the meme where the whole room is on fire as you pick up your coffee cup and say, "this is fine”? Yes? Then you might be a community manager. Building trust requires a ton of work that is anything but finite. Join The Trust for a candid discussion about what burnout looks like in the community industry and then stay for a giggle or two. Hopefully. Group crying is also an option.

With almost a decade of community experience, Shannon Emery has done and seen it all — at least when it comes to building or scaling corporate tech communities/community programs for organizations like Blackbaud, Higher Logic, and Alteryx. Regardless of her role, Shannon focuses on the crucial part of any community’s success — the people and how to make them shine. Outside of the internet, you will find her surrounded by her real life community — from adventures with her wife to gaining wisdom from her Grandma and spending quality time with those who mean the world to her. Also, she has a really cute doggo named Hermione who is a community expert at this point. .

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What a fabulous topic to discuss. Wish it wasn’t 5am for me when I have a big day… I will see if I can try and catch some of this. I think it really depends on the role doesnt it? When the community management role also includes the majority of content production on top of engagement and building and moderation, there is a huge risk of burn out.

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hey @communifi – please don’t worry about making it at 5am! The recording will be available and we will keep the conversation going here.

Plus, @shannon.emery85 is more than willing to chat about it in SMP.

I think a lot of us in CM end up with a lot on our shoulders for a lot of reasons – hopefully we can touch on a bunch today!

Looking forward to this!!!

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I think that’s a huge point…community managers are DOING THE WORK!!

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