Wanted: Do you have a cool workflow, system or process?

Do you have a great workflow, system or process for
:rocket: creating content
:rocket: managing content
:rocket: onboarding a client
:rocket: managing your spending
:rocket: or…anything else with running a social media business

The SMP team is looking to feature some workflows, systems, and processes that other social media professionals might find helpful. If you want to share yours…let us know!

ps have you seen someone else’s workflow, system or process that helped you? We can reach out to them directly to see if they’d like to be featured.


ChatGPT was happy to share their onboarding notes:

Here is a general outline for onboarding a social media management client:

  1. Introduction: Start by introducing yourself and your team, and explain the purpose of the onboarding process. This helps establish a personal connection and sets the tone for a productive and successful working relationship.
  2. Goals and objectives: Have a conversation with the client to understand their business goals and objectives. This will help you tailor your social media strategy to meet their specific needs.
  3. Audience analysis: Conduct a thorough analysis of the client’s target audience to understand their demographics, interests, and behaviors. This will help you create content and campaigns that resonate with the audience and drive engagement.
  4. Social media audit: Review the client’s current social media presence to identify any strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This will help you develop a plan to improve their social media performance.
  5. Strategy development: Based on the goals, objectives, audience analysis, and social media audit, develop a comprehensive social media strategy that outlines the tactics and actions you will take to achieve the desired results.
  6. Content creation: Collaborate with the client to create engaging and relevant content that aligns with the overall social media strategy. This may include text, images, videos, and other types of media.
  7. Implementation: Put the social media strategy into action by implementing the tactics and actions outlined in the plan. This may include posting content, running social media campaigns, and engaging with the audience.
  8. Tracking and measurement: Use tools and analytics to track the performance of the social media efforts and measure the results against the established goals and objectives. Use this data to continually optimize and improve the strategy.
  9. Communication and collaboration: Establish clear lines of communication with the client and keep them informed about the progress and results of the social media efforts. Be open to feedback and suggestions and be willing to make adjustments as needed.
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Then I asked for something a bit more innovative:

  1. Personalized onboarding: Create a personalized onboarding experience for each client by taking into account their unique needs, goals, and preferences. This could involve customizing the onboarding process based on the size and type of business, the industry, the target audience, and other factors.
  2. Interactive onboarding: Use interactive methods, such as workshops or webinars, to onboard clients. This can help engage and involve the client in the process and make it more interactive and immersive.
  3. Social media assessment: Offer a social media assessment to help clients understand their current social media performance and identify areas for improvement. This could involve conducting a thorough analysis of the client’s social media presence and providing recommendations for optimization.
  4. Social media training: Provide social media training to help clients understand the importance of social media for their business and how to effectively use it to achieve their goals. This could include topics such as social media strategy, content creation, engagement, and analytics.
  5. Collaborative planning: Involve the client in the planning process to ensure that their needs and goals are being met. This could involve co-creating the social media strategy and working together to develop a plan that aligns with the client’s objectives.
  6. Ongoing support: Provide ongoing support and guidance to the client throughout the onboarding process and beyond. This could involve regular check-ins, access to resources and tools, and personalized coaching and support as needed.
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