Using AI To Generate Content

One of the great issues of our time is the arrival of AI and its ability to generate content for clients, social media, and websites. I am aware of the fact that Google has released the Helpful Content update of its algorithms. Over time this update may well impact the traffic on a website that has a high use of AI generated content. This raises the question as to what is the most appropriate strategy to adopt. We worked with Semrush to produce this comprehensive article on the issue " Google Compliant Content: How Semrush Can
Help Website Owners". (A Google search will find it) For social media managers, writers, graphic designers and the whole industry it raises ethical concerns as to disclosure apart from the traffic issue. Have you used AI in your content generation and what is your opinion of its use and disclosure requirements?

John Cosstick

Hey John,

I think we’ll have to be careful and ethical with it. If AI is trained on things that the creator of has not given permission to, what then? How is copyright handled then? The world needs time to catch up.

At the same time I think AI can help a lot with automation.