Update Your Profile Information

Keep your profile up to date so your fellow SMPers know who you are and what you’re about .

Start by clicking your profile photo>profile icon>Preferences:

From the Account menu you can change your Username, Profile Picture, and Email (plus add an alternate email) plus run through numerous other account options along the lefthand side:

Next, head to the Profile menu and get to work on your bio, plus location information and scroll down to add your social profiles and profile card background images:


Thank you, this was very helpful!

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Awesome glad it helped!!! Welcome to Social Media Pulse!

Thanks @deb :slight_smile:

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Hi! I just joined and am having trouble figuring out how to update my short bio. It is only showing the first few words of what I entered when I created my account. I have looked through all the settings and can’t find it.


Hi @taylor, sorry for the trouble! You’re running into a little bug where a special character – usually an ampersand (&) – will cut off the rest of your bio. We have a fix in the works for this issue, so stay tuned.

For now, you can just delete the special character – but where can you do that?

Again, another point of confusion we’ve gathered from our initial launch feedback – for which we also have an update on the way – it’s in the Account portal (for a visual, skip to 1:18 in the video @deb posted above^ titled SMP How to change your profile photo):

  • At top-right of any page, select Account;
  • Then My Account;
  • Update your bio and remove special characters;
  • Choose Update Details;

From there, to get back to your front-facing profile:

  • Click Back to Account Settings (one of the underlined options underneath the Update Details button); and, finally
  • Select My Community Profile, where you will then see your full bio after clicking Expand at top-right

Again, our apologies that it isn’t more straightforward – this will all be remedied very soon.

Thanks for joining us (and for your patience :blush:) – and please feel free to reach out with any additional questions.


That did it! Thank you for the feedback! Looking forward to getting know everyone in the group.


Great news :tada: :tada: :tada: And glad to help – excited to get to know you, too!!!