🚨 UPDATE: Treads by Instagram...it's here

It’s been rumored…but after this weekend’s Twitter :fire: rumors started swirling that Meta’s Threads was coming.

Some people (me) were able to do a “pre-download” of the app

Then for some a :tickets: appeared and that lead to being able to reserve your name.


How will this impact the social media space?

Do you think everyone will jump over to Threads?

BTW this is what the screenshot of treads.net looks like with the countdown clock

Yeah androids always get things last with these things it seems so i have not been able to pre-download.

Threads is coming early…TODAY 7/5/23 at at 7pm EST and 4pm PT

Their clock on the website changed

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been loving threads so far. And I hated Twitter. It was like the one platform I didn’t use and didn’t really enjoy. Go figure.

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