Twitter Professional OR Personal?

  1. Is it worth switching to a professional account?
    Does it make any difference. I’m just re-looking at Twitter, not done much on this for a while and I see there are mannnny changes. Just wondered if there were any disadvantages.

  2. Are Twitter communities still a thing? I don’t seem to have the Communities tab on desktop or mobile. Do you have to have joined an initial community to get the tab OR have they gone??? (Googling this is a total waste of time - sends you in circles!!)



@rachel1 I feel like Twitter is the land of the unknown these days.

I agree @deb - I’ve not really used it for a while and didn’t even realise there was the option of a professional account so I was just curious what people’s thoughts were. Clearly not many thoughts on the matter :joy::joy: Rx

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There’s a few benefits. So you can get marked as a professional, and you can put a category for yourself. If you’re a real business you can also put your business address and hours and link out to it etc if I’m not wrong. But other than that it has not evolved since its inception.


I have a Professional account and Twitter Blue - if memory serves me - it’s the analytics that were expanded with the Professional account settings - but as of today - when I click into that I get nothing unless I click Monetization -


I don’t feel like my analytics were expanded lol, but maybe I’m wrong. Oh yes, we also got monetization.