🚨 Twitter on 🔥 AGAIN Musk launches rate limit

Twitter is coming unglued…#RateLimitExceeded

Apparently this limits how many tweets users can read.
Verified account holders get amaximum of 6,000 posts daily, while unverified users must contend with a drastically reduced limit of 600 posts. Then for newly registered, unverified users, they face even tighter restrictions with an allowance of a mere 300 posts per day

Later in the day Musk tweeted

h/t to @AlexaHeinrich who tweeted

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  1. Interesting this was done on the weekend.
  2. Interesting this was done on a holiday weekend.
  3. Happened at the same time Google is rolling over to GA4 today.
  4. Will this push Meta to release their rumored Twitter competitor sooner?
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yeah absolutely insane. I also saw that it might be due to twitter not being able to pay their server dues. For a while now Twitter has just not been paying their vendors and google may have finally shut down their stuff. He has been continually increasing it from 600, to 800, to 1k for regular users.

now they’re saying that maybe twitter is ddosing itself since some servers cant be paid for they are down and their code is constantly calling for it

It seems that Twitter is allowing to see things even though you’re logged out again! (Tested it with incognito)