Twitter blue- Any benefits?

I have one client who has built his brand up onto other platforms from Twitter. He still maintains a strong presence and they are sentimental about Twitter for this reason. Looking for any info regarding blue tick for orgs or individuals. Looks like a hefty price per month for an Org vs Individual.

Has anyone signed up as an org or individual and seen any benefits?

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Not signed up for either but if he can get away with signing up as an individual it would be a better deal. Seems that Elon is putting a lot of features behind blue every day.

Also, welcome to the community!

Thanks Kaz, I have been a member for a while and hanging out on the side lines but keen to get more involved with the community.

We are going to try to sign up as an individual and see how we go, anyone out there who has experienced good or bad I would love to hear from you.

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I think the MAIN benefits at this point is that you show up at the top of the comments vs non-blue and then you also have the coveted edit button that can help if you mess up a tweet. Also longer videos I believe. Maybe a little more reach.

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@hello29 Social Media Pulse and Agorapulse both got the blue check mark. I haven’t seen any benefit (except for last week when Elon limited how many tweets you could see for a short time). Honestly not sure we’ll keep it. But things are changing so quickly and drastically on Twitter it’s really hard to make any strategic decisions. I personally think that many Twitter users, especially serious ones are in a wait-and-see mode!