Twitter and YouTube KPIs/OKR

Hi all, hope you’re all having a good day. What’s a good KPI for Twitter and YouTube? Any suggestions or best practices? Thank you!


Hi Rick!!! Thanks for posting! Going to tag big twitter and YouTube users to hopefully answer.
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@rick1 great question and it depends – it depends on what your goals are. This article might help The 17 Essential YouTube KPIs for Measuring & Growing Your Channel | Databox Blog as it has a graphic that breakdown the main KPIs for YouTube, watch time being a big one. I hope that helps.


Like @EdTroxell said, it depends on your goals!
For me, it’s engagement on Twitter, because I’m there to engage and to build community. I care less about how many followers I have and more that my Notifications are always poppin’.
I’m not awesome at YouTube; I would think views? But there’s all sorts of analytics you can look at in there…repeat viewers are I think a thing you can see.


The great answer to all: It depends.

You’d need to be more specific on what you want to focus on.

Like @christine I also like engagement on Twitter. For youtube it’s more likely viewer retention. You want people to stay and watch your whole video. If you got 5m views but only 30s of a 10 minute video… was it really effective?


Thank you all so much!

You’re very welcome Rick, I hope it helps! This is the type of conversation this community was made for!