Tweaking "general" social content for specific niche (industry)

Is it “lazy” to take general digital marketing or social media marketing content (blogs, posts, videos) and merely interject the name of the industry/niche you’ve decided upon?

For example, your previous content was about social media marketing (benefits, how-to’s, tips), but now that you’ve decided to focus on a specific audience, now your content reads “Social Media Tips for PLUMBERS” or “How ELECTRICIANS Can Get Better at Social Media Marketing” - - is that too simplistic?

Originally I had said that it was not lazy, but I want to “tweak” my answer.

I think it’s lazy if you’re simply slapping on the niche “Electrician” with general content that isn’t necessarily focused on the niche. As in you already wrote the blog, post or video and just add “electrician” to the title.

At the same time, some people do this. It helps with searches. I’ve often found myself frustrated looking for specific marketing content to be faced with the generalized content that had the niche slapped onto the title.

Hopefully whatever your niche is, you’re creating content towards that niche even if it is “general” social content. Like how does that “general” how to benefit electricians specifically? What tips can electricians get to benefit their business specifically? I think there is some tweaking to be done there apart from just changing the title.

I think that once you niche down and add that niche to the title, there has to be specifics to that niche involved in the article. You can repurpose your old content that you’ve already written, but think of it in the perspective of the niche.

My thoughts may change as we continue discussing, but niches can also benefit from general social content. There are foundational things to learn that affect people regardless of niche. I do have some conflict there. Niches do need some foundational generalized concepts, but also niche down ones.

Thank you for that detailed response.

I was feeling that way when the contractor I hired submitted a blog that literally had my client’s niche inserted in the title… only.

The content was so general that I had to go back and darn near re-write the article.


Yeah, I think the contractor needed to do a little more work making the content fit the niche then! Sorry you had to go and re-write the article. :scream: :scream: :scream: :cold_sweat:

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I agree…think your contractor took the easy route! It would be WAY better to be more specific for each niche. Have you tried any of the new AI tools? (or maybe that’s what they did LOL)

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YES, Deb, YES!! I love AI tools… got subscriptions to at least 4 of them :woozy_face: (embarrassing, I know).

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