Trying to change username on Instagram -- please help!

Hey all!

My team’s been trying to change our Instagram username due to a business name change for over a year.

The issue? It’s a verified account – whenever we try, we get a pop-up that says “Please contact support to change your username”. However, we can’t find support anywhere!

Is there anyone who has a contact at IG or knows how to fix this?


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Any ideas on next steps @Instagram_Experts? Any tips at all would be appreciated!

Hi @hdelongchamp - we used to say - do you have a Facebook Ads rep? And then contacting them will give you a better chance at resolving the situation. IG does have a phone number, but from what I can tell it is just a message to go figure it out online – not very helpful. This is the best post I could find on the topic – Contact Instagram support. Request help from the app or a browser

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Unfortunately the rules are that once verified you cannot change the name (according to their help files, which is rather a narrow view point!).


I found the same. It’s very possible you may need to remove your verification. change your username, and re-do verification with the legal paperwork showing the name change.


Don’t mind going about this process – how do you remove your verification? Trying to find the solution online/in settings/etc, but can’t find it.

Settings are pretty bad on website, so it’s possible that you need to use the app.

If I want to request verification I go to the mobile app > settings > account > request verification.

It may be in those settings