Trend: Little Miss...did you do it?

From the TSA to Vera Bradley to Chexmix to Wake Forest University the Little Miss meme has taken Instagram (and Tiktok) by storm.

Don’t know what we’re talking about…this article on Mashable has some of the deepest research

Did you do this for any of your clients?

Why or Why not?

Feel free to share a link to your creation!

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I’ve thought about it, but many I saw initially were around drug culture etc which isn’t my scene, however I do think there have been some very clever ones done. When it comes to clients, I would only recommend a trend if there was good alignment. I’ve personally never been into jumping onto a viral hashtag for pure exposure if there is no clear association with a brand or personality. I tend to buck the system that way. If it adds fun and is meaningful then go for it. We all need a laugh and not to take things so seriously all the time, but that said, many a meme may be amusing to some, whilst quite personal and devastating to another. When it comes to memes, if you don’t really understand it, then don’t post it. Or post it to open conversation.

Continuing my response, what I think often destroys a meme is the commercialisation of it. Its the old something was good until the marketers got to it. In the case of Little miss not only did commercialisation come into play, but also somehow a lot of hate got attached as well. For many memes are a way to express things they can’t easily express otherwise, but it can leave them vulnerable as well (especially around mental health and trauma). Then comes those who seek to hijack the meme for another purpose and we saw a lot of politicisation and radicalisation being added. It can be a slippery slope for a brand.