🎥 Tony Christensen on The 5 Keys To Successful Facebook Ads

Tony Christensen

Tony Christensen is a Facebook, TikTok, and Google Ads advertiser and co-founder of Brick Social.

We caught up with Tony at Social Media Week Lima #SMWL22 and asked for his top tips for Facebook advertising in 2022.

Find Tony at @TonyDoesAds everywhere online or at TonyDoesAds.com.

The five keys to Facebook Advertising success right now in 2022:

1. Foundation

Really get your goals in order and figure out what you’re trying to really accomplish, so you can know if your ads are working.

2. Research

Dive in and find what the pain points are that your customers have that your product is solving for, your service is solving for, or the benefits they’re getting from you. Dive in and weigh those out—is there one big thing, or is it kind of an even distribution? Looking at review data can be really helpful here.

3. Setup

Look at your website and make sure your website matches with the goal that you’re trying to accomplish—if you’re trying to get people to call you, make sure there’s a phone number on your website, make sure it’s optimized and there’s no friction there so that when you spend ad money, it makes sense and it works.

4. Creative

Use that research, leverage that data that you have, and figure out what you can do to hook people at the front of your ad and get to them to actually pay attention and then click over to your website.

5. Analyze

Dive into the data, look at the research that you did, look at the goals that you had, and see if the ad is hitting those goals or not. Then iterate and see what you need to do: can you keep scaling it? Is it working, or are there some changes you need to make with the hook? Do you need to look back at the website?

Tony Christensen @tony1
Facebook, TikTok, and Google Ads advertiser and co-founder of Brick Social

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