Today could be an exciting day...we hope to welcome our 1000th member! 🚨 you could win a prize

We are so excited…since our launch in March, we’ve had close to 1000 social media professionals join Social Media Pulse! :rocket: (waving hi to all you amazing friends!)

If we get our 1000th member today 5/31/22 that person…plus the person who referred member #1000 each win 3 months of Agorapulse and a Social Media Pulse sticker.

Go invite your friends!

ps you can use this link https://bit. ly/SMP_invite (take out space between bit. and ly) and graphic if you want to create your own posts…OR you can share our social posts


This is exciting! I shared and I think someone signed up… :wink:


That’s awesome! Congratulations, Deb!

Congratulations! :tada:

This is freaking amazing!! Excited to have more amazing people join this awesome community. :blush: