TikTok: Trends vs. Originality? (Wave Wyld)

Wave Wyld

A lot of people are confused about this on TikTok, because there’s such a big emphasis on trends—but then, there are also people who say not to do trends.

If it comes down to what’s more important, I say:
They’re just both important.
TikTok loves both; TikTok wants both.

Being “The Queen of Trend Alerts,” of course I’m going to talk about trends, because over time I have actually developed strategies and ways that you can use trends to leverage leads in sales. And I teach that in my courses. For the most part, most people think it’s just about doing trends and making jokes, but it’s not—there’s so much more you can do with it.

But of course original content is important, because at one point all trends were original content. That’s how it became a trend!

Original content is especially important for business owners. You can use it for telling stories and for educating. I consider it important for a business owner to make more original content vs. following trends. Trends can be part of your strategy, but it’s generally a smaller part of your overall content. You might be posting only two or three trend videos a week. Most of your content is going to be original content.

I encourage all my clients to make what I call an original series. That is one type of video that you post on a regular basis—maybe once or twice a week—that helps you stand out from others in your niche and gives people a reason to follow you.

Some examples of original series could be things like busting myths in your industry, industry updates, pros and cons, dos and don’ts, product reviews, that type of thing. Make a title for them and introduce them the same way to help you stand out (that’s what I did with “Trend Alerts”).

The way original series came around was that people would get a viral video and then they’d say, “OK, I just need to repeat and do the same thing over and over again, to get more viral videos.” But the problem was then that became their content, whether or not they really liked doing it.

You don’t really need to go viral first; just create one. I started “Trend Alerts.” It started taking off. I looked at why people like this content: it’s because it gives them ideas. They want to know what’s trending.

That helped me stand out, that helped me build my account, and it gave people the reason to follow me, because they wanted more of that content. That is the purpose of the original content or a series: people want more of that content.

A recent client is having success with an original series called “Brand Fails.” She’s a brand designer, and she’s just talking about and telling the story of certain brands that tried to rebrand and they failed. (Remember what happened with Gap? JC Penney? Tropicana?)

Other brand designers are her target audience, because she’s a brand designer that coaches brand designers on how to be more successful. She has a membership program. So that’s who she’s trying to appeal to. Of course, this attracts other brand design designers who find this really interesting, and those videos are getting hundreds of thousands of views and helping to grow her account.

So that’s the way you can use original content and original series—instead of just following trends—on TikTok.

Wave Wyld @wavewyld
Wave Wyld is TikTok Marketing

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