TikTok: Theme Content Creation Days (Dana Bowling)

Dana Bowling

Do you hate the term “batch creation” as much as I do?

The idea of batch-creating video content overwhelms the crap out of me because I have so much to do. How can I guarantee that I can take out three or four hours of my day to film all of the video content?

What if I’m not inspired? What if I don’t look good? What if I don’t know what I’m going to wear? What if my kid is home from school?

I’m going to teach you a way that instead of thinking about video content creation like a batching process, you’re going to think about it in theme days. This has saved me and so many of my clients when it comes to creating multiple pieces of video content a week.

Here is my signature process of getting you out there creating consistently.

Imagine there’s five days in a week, Monday through Friday, that you’re going be working on towards content creation.

Instead of thinking of it as a batch recording day one of those days, take your first day.

Day 1

On your first day, what you’re going to do is you’re going to brainstorm all of your content ideas using a notepad or a notes app, literally just go five minutes. Don’t think of anything. Think of every single piece of content that you could create a video on.

Day 2

Day Two, you’re going to pull three to five of those videos. That’s it: three to five of the topics that jump out at you. Maybe something that you feel really called to talk about. Maybe something that is being asked about, something that is currently very popular in the media. You talk about those three to five things, you pull them out, and now you’re gonna outline those three pieces of content. You’re not filming it, you’re just outlining it. You’re coming up with your perfect hook or your calls to action. You’re coming up with exactly what you’re going to say. So you’re basically pre-producing all of this content, but not filming.

Day 3

Day Three is filming day. That is when you get your camera out and you decide three videos–I can pull these out, all I have to do is get them on camera. I don’t have to edit, I don’t have to caption, I don’t have to post. I just have to get them on camera.

Day 4

Day Four is when you decide to go through the editing. That means taking out the ums, the us, the slow pauses, the looking at your notes, the forgetting what you were about to say, or when your dog starts barking, edit. From there, you can decide if you want to add captions from an external source, or whether it’s in TikTok or in another app that you use.

Day 5

Day Five, you’re going to post one of those videos. You’re gonna write the caption, the description of the video, and you’re going to post.

Now you have three or two or four other videos that are sitting in your drafts posted. And guess what? The next day you post the second one, the third day you post the third one, and before you know it, it’s Monday again. And you have to do the process all over again.

This way, you are guaranteed to always have videos sitting in your drafts ready to go, so that even when you’re busy, even when you’re overwhelmed, even when you’re out of town, you still can show up on people’s feeds because it’s out of sight, out of mind in these days of social media, and you never want to be forgotten. That means creating consistent content.

Dana Bowling @dana2
Video Coach and Brand Strategist for entrepreneurs and small business owners

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Brilliant advice. I am a professional content creator and yet I haven’t gotten myself to make a single TikTok video. :rofl: I love batching content. May I ask: why do you recommend posting on Thursday - Sunday?


I was curious on Thursday -Sunday but it could be adapted to any 3-4 day range I suppose.

Maybe Thursday - Sunday can seen an influx of people due to being potential days off.

But if you start Day 1 again as soon as Day 5 starts, you could shorten that time frame? I don’t know if eventually it would overlap too much.

But its definitely a system someone can follow and make content and not feel overwhelmed. At least they’d be making content on a consistent basis. :slight_smile: