TikTok Lead Creator / Social Media Manager - Boba Tea Protein Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Job Title: TikTok Lead Creator / Social Media Manager
Company: Boba Tea Protein
Location: Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
Base salary $50,000/yr - $75,000/yr

Hello, interested candidates! I’m Neil, the owner of Boba Tea Protein! Neil Hoang (@bulkpanda) • Instagram photos and videos

We are in search of a true TikTok creator to join our small team of 4 passionate boba tea lovers and take our TikTok page and some of our other social pages to the next level.

The person should also be the most fun, boba-loving, and fitness-loving person ever whose charisma shines on camera.

For the full job description and to apply, click “Apply” or visit this link :point_right: TikTok Lead Creator / Social Media Manager – Boba Tea Protein

Key Attributes and Responsibilities

  • Proven to have successfully grown / maintained a TikTok page for yourself or for another brand by developing engaging TikTok content concepts / strategies and executing them.
  • Has a very fun and outgoing / extroverted personality.
  • Can film and edit short-form video & has some ability with the adobe suite in general.
  • Can collaborate and coordinate with other team members to create TikTok content.
  • Has some personal interests that is relatable to our audience such as…
  • LOVES boba
  • Lift weights regularly (at least 2x-3x per week / into fitness in some way)
  • Watches / watched some popular animes (mainly shonen ones like Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto, Attack on titan, etc)
  • Social Media Managing on other channels such as Twitter, IG, Reels, Facebook, etc.
  • Would be a great asset if you have experience in one of the following:
  • acting experience / skills
  • Film School, Film Production, Cinematography or On-Set Lighting Experience
  • Decent copywriter

Bonus points if you have one or a few of the below.

  • Can speak a second language (Japanese, Korean)
  • Knows how to run and grow a Discord Community
  • Experience working at a boba shop

Qualifications / Experience Requirements

No hard requirements - prove to us you got what we want and you will be in serious consideration for hire.

Although no hard requirements, having at least 6-12 months of experience with skills that prove to grow social media channels will help.

Really understanding / having an obsession (or having a period of obsession in the past) with boba, the fitness industry, and social media are paramount.

Below is some of the experience we may be looking for:

  • A track record and/or proof of sucessfuly growing a TikTok page.
  • A track record of creating engaging content mainly across TikTok, but Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook experience would also be viable.
  • Experience with coordinating with others to make sure all content gets published on time across all channels.
  • Experience with aggregating data on social channels into an official report.

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Neil, is this position required to be on-site or can it be remote?