TikTok Help/Advice Please

I have a new client who is in the exchange currency market and he is wanting to use TikTok as he feels the growth is coming unlike the other platforms.

His clients are importers/exporters/overseas offices with staff (corporate) etc and those purchasing property abroad, sales rentals, wills, trust and beneficiaries, study fees, medical bills and alternative investments like jewellery, planes, boats, bikes to name a few (personal). Basically anybody who needs to buy/sell and exchange currency. He wants to grow the corporate side rather than the personal side.

I know nothing about TikTok does anyone think this would be a good platform for him? Maybe just the advertising side of it perhaps? I don’t know. Is it good for corporate or more B2C.

Any advice would be really helpful.

Many thanks.



@rachel1 I’ve been hearing more and more people experimenting. Think you should consider in this case.

You might be interested in following Keenya Kelly - she’s doing a lot of TikTok education

She even has an upcoming challenge

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Thanks @deb - was hoping you’d say the opposite really - LOL! Best go start learning that platform too now!! Rx

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