TikTok Hashtag Strategy (Wave Wyld)

Wave Wyld

I recommend using three to five hashtags on TikTok.

That’s all you need. Do not fill up caption space with all hashtags. It’s not necessary to tag “For You Page” or anything like that.

In fact, do not use those hashtags! You want hashtags to be relevant to your content.

Hashtags do two things on TikTok:

  • They help to tell the algorithm who to show your content to, which is why you want to use specific relevant ones;
  • They categorize your content under that hashtag; there’s a page where every video that uses that hashtag is.

Use hashtags that are relevant to your content, and maybe a few that describe who you are and what you do. And the more specific, the better.

If you use these big hashtags, like #fitness, that’s going to have billions of views. What are you talking about in your video? Is it squat techniques for fitness? Then use something like #SquatTechniques. The more specific you can get, the better. The algorithm is very smart; it’s going to know who to show it to.

I recommend sticking with smaller hashtags. For business owners, you want to attract ideal clients, right? You don’t need to go viral. It’s like all social media: you just need to attract the right people to you. If you can do that, you can generate leads and sales. Keep it small and specific so that you can try to get the right people to your account.

If it’s the hashtag #ForYouPage, that doesn’t do anything for you; who’s it going to show that to? Everybody. Same with things like fitness; that’s so big. Let’s get a little bit more specific, like #WomenInFitness or #FitnessOver40 or something that is going to be more specific and helpful.

I don’t recommend using trending hashtags unless you are taking part in that trend. There is no proof that they help to boost your views.

People will abuse the trending hashtags, and there’s a few reasons why I don’t recommend it. For one, they’re often meant to amplify certain creators, like LGBTQ creators or for disability awareness, that kind of thing.

Also, they’re trending, so they’re not evergreen. It doesn’t help you when they’re only relevant for a couple of days. And again, they’re not relevant for your content. What TikTok says to us at every meeting is to keep it relevant.

I do a lot of research on the app, so I will go look at hashtags. And when I’m scrolling through hashtags, it is really annoying if a video comes up that’s not relevant to that at all. So trending hashtags, unless you’re taking part in that challenge or trend, don’t use them.

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