TikTok account advice needed: Want a different audience range

Hello Dear.
I’m into this forum,
There is a tiktok account, thanks to which I found out that my peers (adult guys) are not my target audience.
I decided to register a 2nd account, in which I reduced my age by a multiple. And he started uploading videos there, editing them according to the old principle, with the old template.
I also created a link in the profile, and the description is the same as in 1 account (a habit after VK). I uploaded videos through a computer that I also used for 1 account, only through a different browser. I also logged into the 2nd account via phone. Those. for tiktok to burn me, basically, I made a lot of unwise moves, but which ones were wrong?

Well, for some time I tested a new age for my offer… And then bam, and the 2nd account, apparently in terms of age indicators, was made the same as the 1st.
Those. when I view TikTok in the 2nd account, they show me the same videos that were shown on the 1st account, where the age is quite decent.
The question is: How can I make sure that I can develop a TikTok channel so that 17-23 year olds can watch me?
Ideally, of course, it would be to run 2 TikToks at the same time, of different ages.
I hope there is someone who can point out my mistakes.
Thank you for attention.

Hi @jack65leo thanks for your post…Let’s see if we can get some help from our @TikTok-Experts and see what they say!

Meanwhile…a little Googling and I found…

“Through the use of specific hashtags, keywords, and topics embedded in both the caption and the actual video itself, TikTok’s system is able to quickly capture the information and immediately recognize the type of audience – demographic and psychographic – that it may be meant for. From this point, it works to deliver the TikTok to a small group of that target audience and when successful, sends it out to an even larger group with the domino effect continuing – as long as engagement does.” Reece Milner from the Cypers Agency

You didn’t mention if you were using hashtags and keywords in the description and video or not @jack65leo

Not sure this still stands or not as this Tech Crunch article is from 2020

Multiple accounts. TikTok allows for multiple accounts, but pro tip: multiple accounts from one phone will flag you as a business account and like many platforms, they’ll de-prioritize you unless you’re a paying advertiser. If you’re giving some of these things a try, limit your account login to one device.

This article from TikTok for Business gives ideas on how to connect with your target audience.

@jack65leo have you tried running ads to your specific audience? Maybe you could run some ads for awhile to get things started…then back off from the ads? Not sure.

Additionally… @jack65leo look at this article about reaching a global audience instead of a local one…although this isn’t what you want to do…there are some ideas in here that you could apply!