Tik Tok Business Account Standard Practices

What’s the best way to set up a Tik Tok account for your business that will be managed by an employee? I know that it isn’t possible to have multiple users on one account without sharing your password info. And it appears that one needs a personal Tik Tok profile first to make a business account. Any standard practices that you would be so kind to share is much appreciated. Thanks!

@tank what about using 1Password to keep the password. We use that here at Social Media Pulse and 4 of us are using it to log into all of our social accounts. (Sorry this isn’t a direct TikTok answer)

@tank This is using the TikTok Business Center but might be useful too even if you aren’t running ads as it talks about adding people to the account

They also have Business Center Partners—this might work

Well, my concern is about the personal account that the business needs to be connected to. I suppose I can just create an account in my boss’ name and go that route.

Thanks Deb, I’ve been reading through that and it’s not answering some of my basic questions… yet anyway.