🚨 Threads is testing hashtags -- anyone have this yet?

Zuck says Treads is testing “hashtags” aka a way to categorize your post with a tag.

@Aussie-SpaceFriends you are the first to get it…do you have this yet? Can’t wait to hear your feedback!

TechCrunch says “Though users will call up the tags feature using the “#” symbol, it won’t actually display the “#” symbol when the tags are shown. Instead, the tags will appear as clickable blue links.”

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@deb Yes, I have it… but haven’t been using Threads at all (or much social at all lately, TBH!!) :see_no_evil: It looks exactly like the UI posted by Zuck, with the hashtag appearing as blue linked text.

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thanks for the update @annette – not a big user of Threads either! But I know some people here love it. Thinking some of their recent updates might make me like it more.