🚨 Threads is live! Our first impressions

Sooo anyone try it yet?

Onboarding was awesome! Already connected via Instagram (dang wish I had spent more time building my IG account LOL).

Posting is easy.
Can’t find an edit button.
Hashtags don’t seem to work
Photos work and so do GIFs loaded on your phone.

Has anyone else tried it and if so, what did you think? Can’t wait to hear about your experiences with Threads!


Photos work, its definitely hectic. Thought notifs were dead. I did not make the under 1mil club but i was not around during launch. Not a fan of the AI feeding we’re doing but i get it. I just hope that any videos/photos i share remain under my control but i’m not 100% sure.

I think this is just so they can show your stuff without saying they owe you anything for making it.

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Reminds me of Twitter way back in the day. For now, I’m just enjoying the conversations and seeing the unchaperoned posts :wink:

Give it two weeks to normalize unless Meta launches a new feature.

From what I heard, Zuck will start looking into ads once the app gets a billion users.

Yay for the shareholders?


Still haven’t worked out GIFs … guessing you have to download to phone first and then upload to Threads?? I was wondering about hashtags too … also, how do you search for content, not just users?

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I got on and got off. I wasn’t impressed.

  1. It asked me who I wanted to follow and then showed me all the celebrities and people I do not want to follow. There was no way to remove them from my feed.

  2. I don’t want another way to communicate with the same people. I like being on multiple platforms because you create DIFFERENT communities and can get more eyes on your posts which leads to more followers and leads, not the same people seeing the same thing in a different way.

  3. Those who were disenfranchised with Twitter already left, most to Mastadon/Fediverse. If Threads’ point is to eventually join the Fediverse and take its users there, why bother? Just skip Meta/Threads and join the Fediverse already. I have a presence on Twitter and the Fediverse, and felt like Threads was a weak imitation of the two.

tl;dr … the hype wasn’t worth what was presented. I deactivated my account within three hours.


Hey Kathryn, sorry that you didn’t get a great experience.

Some points to your points:

  1. You can always block them all with the drop down menu on a post.

  2. Interestingly enough, only 1 person I know has followed me to threads, everyone else is new.

  3. The Fediverse thing is weird to me, but Threads would be like a hybrid I would think… its not really fediverse imo. So it’s like a gateway for people to try without going straight to Mastodon.

Thank you for your thoughts!

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@joanna1 I’ve been on vacation or I would have messaged sooner. I found downloading GIFHY app on my phone worked great. Then I find the GIF and copy and past it into Threads.


I agree with you about seeing the same people…mine live on Facebook and are here…so why do I have to go to a new thing???

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Luckily my phone’s keyboard has gifs built in so i just use that. But it does add them to my gallery so i end up having to delete them from there afterwards… I suppose copy and pasting would mean just clearing my clipboard every so often as well.

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